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In Thomasville, the climate or to be particular the average temperatures vary greatly. The summers are muggy and warm; the winters are very cold, wet and short but, it is partly cloudy all year round. Temperatures generally, vary from 310 F to 870 F and rarely go below 190 F or above 930 F. Mostly in a year, from May 27 to September 15, for the 3.6 months, it is hot with an average temperature of 790 F, and the hottest day of the year is July 21 with average high and low temperatures, 870 F and 700 F. And, between November 30 and February 28, for 3 months, it is cold with an average temperature of 570 F, and the coldest day being January 29, with an average high and low temperatures being 49°F and 31°F. We are aware that after seeing this, you are like “Is this place safe to travel?’ and the answer is yes, with the normal safety precautions exercised it is totally safe. July, October, and June are said to be the busiest months so, booking process of all hotels and flights will be in peaks and the least crowded month is July so, that may be less expensive by then.